Dallas Toy Store Featured In Rockwall Video

Take a trip around the beautiful city of Rockwall, Texas using an amazing RC Helicopter and Go Pro camera! Just imagine the amazing videos you can start making with your Dallas Toy Store new cameras now in stock?

Take a look at this fantastic video of the great city Rockwall and get your new videos off the ground, literally, with our newest selection of Go Pro cameras! We were very fortunate to have our store featured inside this video and are even more excited to make our own with these Ares helicopters very soon!

Hobbytown Texas is a proud seller of Go Pro cameras and is looking forward to helping you make all of your new cinematic videos for the next few years to come. See the world from a different view with this new Dallas Toy Store item. Come on in to any of the three convenient locations in Dallas and see why Hobby Town Texas is the Toy Store for all of your hobby needs.

How Dallas Toys Look Now Compared To 1970’s

How Dallas Toys Look Now Compared To 1970’s

Walk into any local Dallas toy store and you will notice a remarkable amount of pink “girly” toys and very dark-colored “boyish” toys. Go back approximately two decades, although, and you may just discover this drastic separation by color was not always in existence.

The group, Let Toys Be Toys, goes around asking toy and hobby shop retailers to stop their classification of toys by gender as you can see from the image they recently tweeted showing marketing now compared to that of the past.Vintage Vs. Today Advertisement                                                            The photo shown above is a page from a 1976 toy catalog. Shown on the right, they placed newer toys to 2013, with similar toys in corresponding spots on the left.

The group has calculated that approximately 80 percent of play strollers and 88 percent of dolls houses in that catalog are, as you may think, pink.

When you walk in to any of our Dallas Toy Store locations at Hobby Town USA Texas, you will not notice a large amount of separation between girls and boys. We believe that anyone can play with whatever they wish. Our wide selection of hobby and toy shop items make it very easy to allow both boys and girls to enjoy our products.

Walk inside the Dallas, Rockwall and new Hurst location and you will see toy and hobby items for any and all genders. From RC Cars to Art Items, you will notice that we have toys for every age and gender. Everyone will enjoy our items and you will find anything and everything that you want right here!

We hope to see everyone in our stores very soon!