I took my 10 year old son to Dallas for some father-son time. I decided to go to Hobby Town on Walnut Hill. I must say, this hobby shop really has the goods. We looked the shop over… kept going back to the RC Cars. I had bought my son an RC off E-bay for about $200 for Christmas. It seemed every time he played with it… it broke. I had already purchased approximately the original cost of the car in parts. It was very frustrating.

I decided to surprise my son and bought him a Traxxas Slash 4X4. We visited with some of the guys that work in the shop and they all told me this was the best. We paid for the car and headed back to Denison… quite a drive for an RC.

When we arrived home at 7:45 and opened the box, we determined we had been given the wrong car… a 2 wheel drive version. I called the store and explained what happened. The voice response on the other end was what really blew me away. Adam, the voice on the other end immediately told me he was getting in his car and bringing me the correct car… 75 miles away… I could not believe it. The normal response from every vendor I have ever had a mistake with was.. Sorry, bring it back and we will correct it. Not Hobby Town… they brought it to me at 9PM at night.

My experience with Hobby Town Walnut Hill is unparalleled. I highly recommend them.

My son has driven this car without mercy and it has not broken yet. Thanks for the good advice of an RC selection.

– Mark Brown

It’s so cool, you will love to go there every time you want a remote control car

– Bryan Cardenas

Awesome and knowledgeable staff.

A majority of accessories and parts I needed I found at Hobbytown – but those I couldn’t the staff suggested other places to look. Great service!

– John Taylor

I do alot of business there and now a days its a very friendly atmosphere and the have the supplies in stock when I’m in a pinch for supplies.

– Mac B

I have shopped at the Dallas and Rockwall stores (The Rockwall store after it was under the management team from the Dallas store).

Entering HobbyTown is always an adventure. My wife calls it a “boy store”, but it is more than that. Even though I have 4 daughters, I know is a great place to take your son. You could easily spend an afternoon just exploring. They carry a wide range of goods… something for everyone. If you are an enthusiast or just like to have cool toys, this is the place to go.

I always feel welcome when shopping there. The customer service staff are always attentive to my needs and are there for assistance, but do not hover over me. That is how I like to shop. Two thumbs up from me!

I heard that Dallas & Rockwall store has now joined forces with the Colleyville team. They must be doing something right. It is good to see a company grow and be successful.

– John Johnson

Perfect store to buy remote control toys.

– Freddy Torres

I wanted to buy an unserviced airsoft rifle (Was going to a convention) and these guys were very friendly and unserviced my rifle for me. I will be coming again!

– Ben Aernault

Great selection of items. Friendly service.

– Ralph Temple

A toy store for kids AND adults!

– Chuck Kobdish

FTR, most of my purchases are radio controlled airplanes & associated gear.

Like any local hobby shop, you are going to pay retail. If you want the absolute cheapest marginal quality gear made by Chinese political prisoners, buy online. The friendly and knowledgeable folks help save you money by steering you away from dud purchases.

Also, they have always been friendly to me and my children. Treat my kids and wife well, and you will get the benefit of the doubt, and rating, from me.

– Unknown

Awesome store, great paint selection. And most of all… amazing customer service. Though it’s about a 30 minute drive, I’ll be coming here to do all my hobby shopping.

– Unknown

GREAT STORE! I needed some parts for my rc car and was amazed at their knowledge. They set me up with the parts I needed and recommended a few others which I’m now glad I bought! My car is running better than ever!

– Unknown

We had a problem with a model ship we got. There manager Scott went above and beyond to make us happy even special ordering parts for another ship.

– Angela Haas

Knowledgeable staff helped me find what I needed

– Robert Temen

Small store but good service

– Brandon Green

My (now wife) bought me a little $40 heli as a wedding gift (she knows me so well), but the tail rotor gave out on the second day. Not HobbyTown’s fault at all, but I kinda feared because of their strict return policy printed on the receipt (no returns or refunds even for store credit on opened merchandise) that I would just be crap out of luck.

When I explained the situation, the cashier talked to the manager, and we worked out that I would get full store credit and buy a new rtf Blade 120sr. I’m happy with this, so i wanted to definitely let everyone know it’s a great place to shop for this kind of stuff.

And there are a bunch of random knick knacks that are great gifts too!

– Oliver Crisson

John Elliot Mccormick5 star

Love this store. Best prices and selection in dallas. Always stop by when im in town.

Steve Morgan5 star

I work just down the road and come here to get parts for my Traxxas Slash 4×4. The guys are very knowledgeable and always willing to answer my endless list of questions. Thanks!

Michael Mercadel5 star

Best Service in town!

Steve Walsh5 star

I could spend hours here, just looking at everything, let alone the money I could spend. Great place.

Jimmy Frazier5 star

I’d like to clear the air about an issue I had with my Nano QX the key word here is (HAD) As in the issue has been satisfactorily resolved. I was invited to bring my Nano QX in to the store by Mr. Brian Howard one of the owners of Hobby town USA in Dallas at Walnut Hill Lane Mr. was a gentleman and took charge of an unfortunate situation and resolved the matter completely and in doing so was very professional, he and his highly trained and knowledgeable staff went over and above in helping me all I can say is wow and thank you Mr. Howard and Brent C for you time and attention. Mr. Howard and his staff is an example of what customer service is about, unfortunately things happen but when given the opportunity to resolve the matter to their customer’s satisfaction Mr. Howard his store and staff went over the top in making sure I was completely satisfied before I left the store. There’s no doubt there will be a long relationship between HobbyTown USA at Walnut Hill Lane in Dallas and me and my future company.
Thank you
Jimmy Frazier completely satisfied HT USA customer.

David Moore5 star

Amazing store
Great Service

Gordon James Glover5 star

Fabulous shop

Matthew Thompson5 star

Gary P Fitton5 star

Maria Barron5 star

Justin Shaffer5 star

Fernando Osorto5 star

Emmanuel Rosales5 star

Erick Estrada5 star

Gio Ayal5 star

David Czarnecki5 star

Justin Jenkins5 star

Anna Zetterholm5 star

Chance Thompson5 star

Jorge Medina5 star

Jair Nunez5 star

Laura Taylor5 star

Jim Baldwin5 star

Misbah Sajid5 star

Rouba El-Ali5 star

Colin Brannan5 star

Butch Marquis5 star

Jeremy Bourquin5 star