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Are you interested in selling your stuff? A few old toys, hobby products, vintage train set, or a plastic or die-cast model collection? Or perhaps you have an attic full of vintage toys or a garage full of old radio control planes and cars? Or maybe you would like to liquidate some excess inventory? Or did you inherit a storage unit or garage full of items that you would like to sell? You have come to the right place!

We buy everything from single items to complete warehouses full of excess inventory. Once we can evaluate what you are selling, we will respond with a quick proposal and a speedy payment of cash or certified check.Cluttered House?

What we buy:
Radio Control Cars / Trucks / Tanks / Boats / Helicopters / Airplanes New or Used
Model Train CollectionsNew or Used
Plastic & Die-Cast Model CollectionsNew or Used
Vintage Toys – New or Used and especially if they have the original boxes

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Why sell to us?:
Most importantly, you will receive the most money for your item(s) and you can expect payment immediately! We can make the highest offer for your item(s) because we have 5 important advantages that no other buyer can offer:

  1. Multiple retail outlets to resell merchandise
  2. An extensive on-line presence to resell merchandise
  3. A network of other collectors who may re-purchase your items
  4. A consignment opportunity that may net you more cash than other offers
  5. We purchase products from all over the USA!

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For single items and smaller collections, please bring your items to any of our local stores. Depending on the item or collection we can usually make an offer right away. For larger collections and more valuable items, please click below to schedule a time to contact our buyer to evaluate your collection or inventory. We look forward to serving you.

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